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These are just a few pictures of our friends from over the years.  For our patients, if you would like to be pictured on our website, please let us know!

Sara Ann, 2 months old, with her mother

Sara Ann's page

Sara Ann 3 years old

The Vickers Chamber
Patients comfortably sit in their personal "spaceship"

The Vickers is a British-made monoplace unit that allows a patient to sit upright and look out the acrylic dome top.  It has a hinged joint that allows it to open and close like a clamshell.

Vivian sharing a laugh with a patient.
Sechrist Chamber

The Sechrist is a comfortable, lie-down chamber that allows patients to relax, sleep, or watch tv or videos (on an external tv) during treatment. 

Connie, and a patient in a Sechrist chamber

Parents and caregivers may accompany children.
A perfect chance to snuggle with mom.

Hunter loved being in his "spaceship"

This little girl loves being with her father!


Richard demonstrates the Quadriciser

The Quadriciser Is a motorized exercise therapy that helps relieve spasticity, limb atrophy, joint pain and other neurological conditions that restrict an individual's mobility. It is available in the hyperbaric center for patients' use. It has been shown to improve overall strength, circulation, balance and range of motion.  Both the Adult and Youth models are available for use.  

Young patients enjoy time on their own.


Zach (f), and his loving family, well on the road to recovery!

Joan enjoys using the stander after a treatment