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Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery is generally considered an elective surgery. Patients who smoke, who are diabetics or have other risk factors for compromised healing have benefited from pre- and/or post-surgical hyperbaric oxygenation therapy (HBOT). Other patients opt to have HBOT as a means of accelerating healing. 


Studies have shown that patients who have had plastic surgery for face lifts, laser or chemical peels for skin resurfacing, tummy tucks, breast reduction or enlargement surgeries, and other elective surgeries heal up to 75 percent faster with a course of hyperbaric oxygen treatments.


Hyperbaric oxygenation for elective surgery:


  shortens recuperation time by 1/3 to 1/2

  reduces swelling and pain

  decreases scarring

  decreases bruising

  inhibits infections

  may improve the results


Suggested treatment schedule:


A pre-surgical hyperbaric session is recommended.


After surgery, one to two daily treatments, five days per week for a total of 5-10 treatments is the usual protocol.


 Individual responses vary.

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